Global Lottery Collector’s Society

Global Lottery Collector’s Society

             Interested In A Fun Hobby?

Join those who collect and trade lottery tickets and lottery memorabilia. There is always something new to collect each month. For a

free copy of our newsletter, listing of new tickets and information on the club -  e - mail Steve Gilbert - stegil919@aol.com subject line Lottery Newsletter and one will be e - mailed to you. Any questions ask them in your e mail.

                          ( Note: not a gambling club)


Some additional information below on our hobby of collecting lottery tickets


Interested In A New Hobby?


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lotology!


            Of course, by now, you may be asking yourself, “What is Lotology?” Or better yet, “What is a Lotologist?” Lotology is the hobby of collecting lottery tickets and a Lotologist is a person who collects these colorful scratch lottery tickets.


About Us:


            The Global Lottery Collector’s Society (GLCS) is a club, which promotes the hobby of collection lottery tickets. GLCS club members, also known as ‘Lotologists’, live in the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden and many other countries all around the world. These collectors collect lottery tickets from around the world and trade them with other collectors.


            Please note, the GLCS is not a gambling club. Our membership does not encourage or discourage gambling. We are a hobby club dedicated to the collecting, recording and promoting of lottery tickets and its related memorabilia collecting – Lotology.


            Our members collect and trade these scratch lottery tickets via correspondence with other members, thus enabling them to enlarge the scope of their collections beyond their own states or country’s borders. So join us in this fantastic, active and friendly hobby - LOTOLOGY